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January 4, 2017 - So Cold

Me! I'm so cold! Currently, my phone's weather app states it is 30 but feels like 22. At my office, I sit in the southeast corner with windows on each side. I felt a draft across my neck and shoulders all day and was miserable. When I left work, I picked up Wiener Kids from school. After parking the car, I had to walk, then stand with the wind blowing on my face and legs; they're both still cold to the touch.

Ah, well. The house is warm, I'm home for the night, and dinner is almost ready. It's all good.
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Today wasn't what I would call a great one. I managed to get to the office without my phone and the Archos. No unmonitored internet use, no text messages, no tweets.

My supervisor learned about an "up front rejection report" last night that none of us had been working. I spent most of the morning gaining access to this report, including several calls to IS, a tech coming in to map the drive on my computer, receiving security clearance so I could view the report, only to find out that it was not pertinent to my office's responsibilities.

Additionally, today was my turn to work the billing questions email list. I had three separate requests from clinics asking me to research and resubmit every charge a particular patient had incurred since March, 2008.

Did I mention that it rained most of the day? Did I mention that I didn't win the lottery?

I managed to make it through without raising my voice or hurting anyone. When I arrived home, there was a message on my phone telling me the car was going to be MUCH LESS expensive to repair than originally quoted, and it should be ready tomorrow. Aside from the inconvenience of not having it, I'm very pleased.

So, while it wasn't a great day, it ended up pretty doggone good.
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I actually constructed a huge, spleen-venting post, but realized it was in excess of five pages, so I thought I'd save you all the aggravation and just cut to the chase.

I need a job where I can do exactly as I please in regard to my job duties, and if someone in another department has a question, suggestion, or a beef about it, my supervisor will jump in their sh*t with both feet!

Honestly, what's not to love about a job that eliminates all responsibility for one's actions. I want to tell someone else to research and correct my mistakes.

Having said that, I will now practice a little trick I learned from [personal profile] vickita about 12-13 years ago. I shall take several deep, cleansing breaths and allow the experience to wash over me while concentrating on the three day hollerday weekend.

Hope everyone eats plenty of cheezburgers and potaytoe salid and has a wonderful time!


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