Day 86

Mar. 27th, 2017 11:26 pm
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March 27, 2017 - Where (and when) Will It Be Found?
My brown leather belt is missing. It's here in the house, I know that, I just don't know where. I've looked everywhere I know to look, but I guess it wants an extended vacation...

Ah well, when it's ready, I'll find it. I just hope it's soon or I'll have to buy another.

Day 77

Mar. 18th, 2017 05:19 pm
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Eyes that don't see - to know much but understand little:

"...Knowledge always comes paired with responsibility. Any insight into who we are--our gifts and faults--and about who our neighbor is--their needs and suffering, comes with an equal measure of responsibility. Do we take what we know, about the world, ourselves and God, and knead it into the very fabric of our lives--acting with love toward others? Or are we as certain stoics and cynics, peering out at the broken mass of humanity, smugly clutching onto ineffectual knowledge, choosing not to put what we know into practice (or if we do, only half-heartedly) and be the hands and feet of Christ? Do we see a neighbor, or just someone else?..."

Eyes That Don't See - To Know Much But Understand Little

Day 75

Mar. 16th, 2017 09:38 pm
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Absolute Chaos

Lord, what a day!
  1. At 8am, my entire team receives an invitation to a conference call beginning in fifteen minutes. On the call, our supervisor announces that she has accepted a position in the Emergency Department on the main campus, working with the physicians and other providers, to help them learn professional billing. Her last day is Friday, 03/24.
  2. Immediately after the call, I receive multiple instant messages and emails urging me to apply for the soon to be vacant supervisor position, once it is posted. I'm flattered beyond measure but I do not want the job.
  3. At 10am, my entire team receives an invitation to a conference call beginning in fifteen minutes. On the call, our manager announces that the supervisor position will not be posted. In an effort to conserve costs, and practice good stewardship, Human Resources suggested that a supervisor from another team transition to our department. Her current team's workload was significantly decreased, and some of the coworkers were moved to different positions, making her redundant. She'll start next week, working with our current supervisor, to learn the workflow and her new duties.
  4. Immediately after the call, I receive multiple instant messages and emails asking if I know this new person, is she nice, will she work well with our team, is she going to fire people, am I upset, am I going to leave, etc.
  5. The teammates who actually work in my office were stressed to the max. One lady couldn't stop talking. She wasn't even talking to us, or anyone else, for that matter. Instead, she was reading aloud what was on her computer monitor, then talking herself through the steps needed to complete the task she was working on.
  6. The woman who sits across the aisle from me... sigh I watched her put four sticks of gum in her mouth at once, chew them down to "gum stage" with her mouth open, slurping, and smacking. Once that was complete, she proceeded to blow bubbles, pop them, then suck the gum back into her mouth.
  7. The woman who sits in front of me had a small, hard plastic box clutched in her hand, and she'd open and shut the lid, almost in sync with the lady chewing gum.
  8. The ladies I break with, my office buddies, were so overwhelmed that they immediately requested tomorrow and next week off as vacation time. I will be there all alone to deal with the new supervisor and the team's anxiety, with no safety valve. I may explode into space!

If you think about it, send me some relaxed and groovy vibes...

Day 73

Mar. 14th, 2017 09:20 pm
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Eyes That Don't See

There is a woman who works in the same building, different department. I don't know her name, don't care to know her name, but what I do know is she's a perfect example of 'eyes that don't see'.

This morning, while I was in the break room, she was reading aloud from the newspaper about the plans to repeal the Affordable Health Care, defund Planned Parenthood, and cut Medicare and Medicaid by at least half. She announced, "I'm so excited about this! They're finally going to get rid of the deficit, balance the budget, stop abortions, and all of those people who live off the government will have to get off their butts and fend for themselves!"

Only by grace, I managed to remain silent, get my coffee, and leave without looking at her.

Now that I've typed this out, I find myself wondering: is it because her eyes don't see, or is she really just evil...?


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