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Previously, I'd played around with this once or twice, but was never able to tweak it to my satisfaction.  I grabbed the latest upgrade last night and decided to give it another try.  Let's see how it works, shall we?

This is a test post, it is only a test.  Had it been a real post, there would have been some interesting content.

You will now be returned to your regularly scheduled reading, already in progress.

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Back in February, I bought a little net book - Acer Aspire One. It was only to be used for my home telephone, so I stuck it in the bedroom with the modem and router and promptly forgot about it. This past week, Mediacom changed their channel lineup - got rid of some channels, added more, and completely rearranged the order. I believe it was just to annoy me, but my sister and daughter accused me of being egocentric and paranoid . . .

Anyway, my internet, as well as a large number of channels which I pay for, stopped working. I'm still in close contact with Mediacom, but I did get a fancy new modem that I can plug the phone into directly, negating the need for the net book.

Now, I have a new toy. It isn't anything fancy, but I'm having a lot of fun with it. It came with Windows 7 Starter, something I never would have bought, had I intended to use the device for anything important. I found a program at Spacedock called MyColors that allowed me to override the Windows plain jane wallpaper, so I'm rocking a fanshee shmanshee green (as in earth friendly, as well as in color) desktop theme, and I found a dandy little "persona" at Mozilla for Firefox, that matches the desktop theme perfectly. I purchased Microsoft Office a couple of centuries ago and update via special pricing through my work. This little gem came with a 60 day trial of Office, so I was able to plug in my product key and have a fully functioning suite.

The only thing I haven't bent to my will is transferring music from the iPod Touch to the net book. I've searched diligently, but site I come across says it can't be done, due to a Windows/Apple asshole-ishness. When I connect the Touch via USB, iTunes will recognize it, but when I check Windows Explorer, the Touch isn't there.

This thing is really tiny, fits in my purse, so I can carry it to work with me, etc. I'm just frustrated about my music. Does anyone have any suggestions I might try?


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