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Mar. 7th, 2017 06:45 pm
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March 7, 2017

What a day! It began with a dental emergency, a broken cap. Fortunately it was just the cap, my tooth remained intact. So, I called my manager and told her what was going on, then had to wait until 7:00 am when my dentist's office began answering their phone. Denise told me to come on up, which I did. Tammy took an impression and I was done before 8:00 am.

When I got here, Leslie asked if I would "help" put together a small cabinet she'd bought for the front bathroom. In Leslie-ese, that translates to "will you put together this small cabinet?"

All the parts unpacked, all the hardware clearly labeled and in a safe place, I began gathering tools. I have a cordless Black & Decker screw driver that is an absolute marvel of modern science. I love this tool and actually look for reasons to use it. When I went to the tool drawer, the battery was dead and the charger was nowhere to be found. No problem, I have the groovy purple tools I won in the silent auction.

The instruction sheet and diagram left a lot to be desired, so I was basically flying by he seat of my pants. I managed to get it assembled and looking like the picture on the carton. It felt sturdy, and I made the mistake of patting myself on the back...then, it was time to install the hinges and doors on the front.

Four hours later, I was so disgusted that I put everything in the utility room and helped Leslie start decorating for Jasmine's birthday party. When that was finished I went to take a shower and clear my head a bit. Just as I got the shampoo in my hair and lathered up, the phone rang. Tammy had the new cap finished and if I could get there in the next few minutes, she'd put it on for me.

Back to the dentist, cap installed in record time, no pain, no tears, it was fantastic! I got here just as Curtis and the Birthday Girl arrived home from school. I began sweeping the floors and Leslie followed behind me with a damp mop. All was in order and looking pretty fine when the guests arrived. Josh went out to the garage to get some folding chairs for people to have a seat, and found the charger for my cordless screw driver.

After all the guests have left, the house put back in order, and the kids are in bed, I retrieve the cabinet from the utility room and try again. For some inexplicable reason, this time, the diagram made sense. I was able to install the hinges and mount the doors in less than ten minutes. I made Leslie and Josh oooh and aaaaah over it, and Josh promised he would hang it tomorrow morning.

Oh, and here is the obligatory kid picture spam -- Happy 10th Birthday, Princess Jasmine!

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January 4, 2017 - So Cold

Me! I'm so cold! Currently, my phone's weather app states it is 30 but feels like 22. At my office, I sit in the southeast corner with windows on each side. I felt a draft across my neck and shoulders all day and was miserable. When I left work, I picked up Wiener Kids from school. After parking the car, I had to walk, then stand with the wind blowing on my face and legs; they're both still cold to the touch.

Ah, well. The house is warm, I'm home for the night, and dinner is almost ready. It's all good.
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Jasmine and I were at the convenience store on the corner of Glenstone and Grand at approximately 5:00pm. Across the street, on the southwest corner of the intersection, there was a large pickup truck lodged between the base of the traffic light and a telephone pole.

I don't know...

Anyway, we saw at least five police cars, two tow trucks, an emergency rescue vehicle, and I'm not sure what else. Grand was blocked west of Glenstone, and the right south bound lane of Glenstone was closed. It was a complete mess and I'm thrilled we were able to avoid it.

A friend sent this link a few minutes ago.

Wanted Woman Causes 3-vehicle Crash by Speeding Away From Police

Evidently, she really did not want to go to jail...

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Jasmine just appeared at my bedroom doorway, ukulele in hand and declares, "I have to practice my song. I'm going to sing it tomorrow when I wear my new dress."

Delighted, I told her I would love to hear her new song. She told me she just had the first part worked out, but yes, she would sing it for me.

Curtis would you like a cupcake
or would you rather have a beatin'?
If not, I guess we could go to the park
and have fun!

Right now, I'm having visions of gold records, Grammys and ASCAP awards . . .
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Curtis, playing with the basketball my sister Linda gave him:

Hey, do you know why there are black lines on a basketball?

No, I don't, do you?

Because it makes them look awesome! Do you know how to spin a basketball on your finger?

No! I've always wanted to be able to, but never learned. Can you?

No, but there is a coach at my school, and on cold days, he lets us play in the lunchroom. He spins a basketball on his finger, and I bet he can teach you.

Really? What's his name?

Coach Nibble. We just call him Coach, but his name is really Coach Nibble. I bet he can teach you to spin a basketball on your finger. I can ask him, because I know where he works!
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Grandma got a new Canon and made the kids pose for pictures.

I should feel guilty spamming you, but I haven't done it for a looooong time. Deal.



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