Mar. 6th, 2017

Day 65

Mar. 6th, 2017 10:33 pm
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Last Saturday, 02/25, at the Chili Cook-off, they had a silent auction for some very cool stuff. I knew I couldn't afford most of it - this was a charity auction so prices would be high. I looked around and bid on small stuff I thought the weiner kids would like.

There was a home tool set, a hammer, some screw drivers, regular and needle nose pliers, a measuring tape, etc, that had a purple case and purple rubber handles. I knew Jasmine would just love them, so I bid $20. For Curtis, I found a matted and framed poster of the Justice League and bid $20 on that.

I got a call yesterday, telling me I'd won the home tool set, I was the only bidder. The lady told me the address to come pick up my swag and that she would be there until 5:00pm. When I went to pick it up, along with the tool set, she gave me one of those magnetic mesh screens to hang in a doorway, and a keychain alarm. That sucker is loud!

When I questioned her, she said that the person who filled out the auction sheet only listed the tools, forgot to add the other two items. I think she might have been fibbing just a bit... they got stuck with a bunch of items no one bid on, all had been donated, so they were giving some of the less popular items away.

Anyway, SCORE!


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