Jan. 29th, 2017

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January 29, 2017 - Far From Normal

Six unique, exciting, or just plain odd things about me:

  1. When our mother was pregnant with Cathy and me, her doctor only heard one baby heartbeat the entire time. After we were born, Dr. Fitch said his only explanation was that our hearts were synchronized - they literally began beating at the same time.
  2. I've had the same best friend for fifty-three years. Cathy and I met Kelly before the three of us started school. Her grandmother lived a few houses from ours and we played with her whenever she came to visit. Kelly and I married the same year, and we carried our second babies together, they're two weeks apart. I still talk to her every single day.
  3. There were seven sets of twins in our graduating class: three sets of boys, two sets of girls, and two sets of boy-girl. I'm not sure what was floating in the air in the fall of 1958, but whatever it was, it produced a bumper crop of twins in the summer of 1959, in this part of Misery...
  4. I can type really, really fast. I've not taken a typing test in years, so I don't know what my speed is anymore. However, when I was doing transcription for Herr Doktor every day, just for lulz, my coworkers timed me and I was hitting speeds of 110 words per minute.
  5. My first year of college, in English 101, I passed the practice run of the Minimum Essentials English Test with score of 98%. The instructor gave it to get an idea where everyone was and what he needed, to teach. I got an A for the class and didn't have to attend the rest of the semester.
  6. My very first brush with greatness was Bob Barker. In 1978, Drury University had their homecoming and he was the guest of honor. My friend and I skipped classes that day and went to the parade. We'd made signs and when Mr. Barker's car drove by, he saw them. He asked the driver to stop, he walked over, gave us hugs and kisses, and asked if he could keep our signs. That evening on the local news, there was a four-five second clip of him talking to us.


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